MAGNIFIQUE(by Joseph Beaino)


-Target audience: the target audience in this ad is women in all ages.

-Message one: the main message in this ad is that this product is the only perfume that can make a man be attracted to a woman. This is for the women are using the MAGNIFIQUE perfume.

-Message two: the secondary message in this ad is that this perfume can make the women fell unique and appreciated.

Techniques of language: the technique used in this ad is very simple in which the language is targeted directly towards women. There is one statement only stated in this ad that says the following: “you are unique, you are MAGNIFIQUE”. In this comment, it is obvious that the aim of this perfume is to form some kind of illusion to women in order to make them believe that when they buy this product they will be indeed unique and “magnifique”. Indeed this saying is illusionist for there is no possible way that the perfume can make a person unique and perfect.

Techniques of structure: As we can see, there is a passionate and romantic mood in the structure and in the position of the elements that constitute this ad. It is known that Paris is the capital of romance in the world; for this reason, it recognized that the background of this ad is the view of Paris at night when all lights are lightened. This tactic is used to make the audience believe that MAGNIFIQUE is the right perfume to be chosen.

Composition of pictorial and text: It is obvious that that the background theme in this ad is red that symbolizes romance and love. The ad is divided into two parts. The right part contains a celebrity that looks beautiful and charming. It is holding the hand of a man and it seems that this man is her lover. By this, we realize that there is a relation between the usage of this product and romance. On the other hand, the left side contains the products picture centered in the middle of the page and behind it is the view of capital of France that symbolizes love and romance. The usage of this element in a centered position attracts the eye directly to the product that is being advertised. The usage of a beautiful female in the ad attracts the eyes towards this product and its effectiveness.

Personal reaction: I didn’t like this ad, even though the appearance of this ad is attractive, because it says that when you have this perfume you will be unique and magnificent. This is definitely not possible since the perfume does not make beauty and uniqueness but the personality of each individual does make beauty and uniqueness.


By Joseph Beaino


~ by wordpros on May 27, 2009.

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  1. Love your blog, keep it going and don’t give up.

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