Women’s Image and it wrong uses


wrong use of women's image
wrong use of women’s image

Nowadays , we can see ads about everything every where and any time. Looking at these ads I have noticed that most of them are directed towards women of all ages. But have you noticed that , in most of them, if i dare not say all these ads the women pictured look  fake , totally airbrushed or even photoshoped.

for example look at the DT ad or the chanel ad or any other ad directed towards women, the girls pictured in them (the ads) look so skinny you might say they were sculptured from wax!?!! even the pair of jeans look big on the modle in the DT ad! Advertisers are either putting sorry for the expression naked girls or extra anorexic girls in their ads. now why is that?



every girl has her own body type her own metabolisim that burns fat and calories in a way.every girl body , emotions ,  feelings and ways of thinking change and adapt according to the enviroment she lives in . the girl living in the middle east for example has a diffrent bodytype than that of a girl living in the east or the west. A girl living in lets say Alaska has a diffrent body type and shape that that of a girl living in Japan. A girl living is alaska is somewhat medium in hight and rounded and all this is because of the cold and icy weather she is in contact with everyday , whereas a girl living in japan isnt.

people living in the moutains of tibet for example  are genetically programmed to have an amazing stamina… they’d be 90 , carrying their houses and kids on their backs and arrive at the top of the mountain with a normal breathing rate… but if it were a person from the town he/she may not live to be 80 and would be out of breath in the middle of the way with nothing on his/her back.
the body is an incredible thing . i cant imagine how incredible

wrong use of women's image in ads

wrong use of women's image in ads

it is and by just how much it can adapt to its environment… it s the way it can survive, so now  why would i go to tibet and post an ad of a girl so skinny that her bones may pop out in any second? why would i go and insinuate to a round or full girl that in order to buy this jeans you should be as skinny as the girl in the ad?

Ads always portray women and men  as sex objects, in order to increase the appeal of their product on the society . This significantly affects the way women think about themselves, particularly during the teen stage of life where teens develop their sense of self and identity. these ads send a secondary  message which says that the only important thing about them is the way they look, causing many women to believe that their self-worth is dependent upon attention from men.

Portraying women as sex objects has a very harmful effect on girls and women. The constant abuse of women’s sexuality to sell products like beer, sports cars, films…  have completely distorted the understanding of sexuality and gender roles.

girls tend to see or place  themselves in the place of the girl in the ads ( i know i tend to do that sometimes). but what they dont know is that the girl in the ad isnt really like this. i found out that wrong use of women 's imagemost of the girls in these ads have lots of problems. am not saying psychological or emotional problems but problems like everyone. they have pimples and zits on their faces, fat in places it shouldnt be ,pale white skin, or spots  but all this is gone as soon as they get the air brushes out and the laptops to photoshop the images.Photographs are airbrushed or otherwise altered to remove any lines, bumps, or lumps – anything less than “perfection.” it is absurd ,ads are being a misguidance and a threat to the way girls in the critical age of the teen years think and act. studies show that the images of the girls in these ads are the main cause of anorexia and boulemia in teenager both male and female.

One study revealed that women who view the media’s image of beauty as ideal are more likely than any other group to have a very negative body image (Pinhas, et. al. 1999).norexia and boulemia are disorders that are distroying today’s youth and advertisers are not getting it all they care about is selling the product and getting payed .The anxiety girls and women experience from feeling unattractive is arguably one of the most pervasive and damaging consequence of the adverts posted on billboards and tv’s these days. Only one body type is  always presented which is that of a very tall,  and skinny woman or young girl, and advertisers still show and use skinny and “sick” models in their ads and are posting them in wrong places.can you imagine an ad of a skinny girl wearing verry tight jeans in a country where more than 50% of its population is overweight or obese? why dont advertisers use women of different body types and shapes in their ads like in one of the benetton ads? why should advertisers steriotype girls as being skinny?

we talk and talk about the misuse of the women’s image and its effect on the other women but we can not forget the men too. nowadays men too are suffering from eating disorders. Judy Teffer, a spokeswoman for the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders USA, estimates that about 12% of Americans with eating disorders are men. It is no coincidence that the images of lean, muscular men in magazines and TV commercials have been significantly increasing in recent years,almost all of the ads have “perfect” men and women in them. 

who said if a girl isnt skinny bronzed and zitless then she is ugly and undesireable?

advertisers should re think their strategies in the way they use the image of women in their ads because the misuse is distroying a lot. this misuse is putting down a lot of girls and women . women should not be categorized in one size or one color or one shape women are diffrent . no two women are alike each woman is an individual unique in the way she looks thinks dresses acts and lives.

                                                    Sandra Sawaya


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2 Responses to “Women’s Image and it wrong uses”

  1. We believe your posts are clever and well organized, but still there’s one problem: try as much as you can not to put many long texts following each other with no images. For instance, if we didn’t find a hook in a post, we wouldn’t be interested in reading it. So what if there was no hook in two posts following each other.

    In other words, try your best to include at least one image in each post in order to give us a first vision of what it is about, and in order to make us be more interested in reading it.

    Posted by (E.M.)

  2. dear E.M we are trying our best to include images in our posts but as you know the pictures should be from real life and not the internet so it takes time to search for the correct pictures and to post them on
    we do appreciate your comments and will try our best to improve
    thank you
    Sandra Sawaya

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