Sex is not the first ruse used by advertisers, humour is too !

use of humor
use of humor
AD using humor
AD using humor

Have you noticed the recent trend of advertisers using  humour in selling their products?
In fact, there are several ruses that publicity advertisers employ to draw the attention of the customers to their ads. Mostly they use sexapeal to sell  their products. Nowadays,  the advertisers are using a new technique which is  humour  to convey a certain message to the young generation. If an ad makes you laugh you remember it more than an ad with a lot of “serious” information.  It is known that when you are reading an article you remember the last thing you read that leaves a certain impression that’s why the writers put their point of view in the end.The same thing goes to the ads. the use of humor will make the ad lighter , easier to remember and understand.But on the other hand you cannot use humor in all types of advertisments. Some adverts like the political adverts are not  adverts in which we can use humor because it is something important and informative. we also cannot use humor in ads that are related to the public health. you can not use humor when you inform people that it is important to use this certain preservative to protect them from STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) .

Humor is used to lighten ads but not all the ads and not every type of propaganda can use humor because humor tends to be harsh sometimes.

Use of Sex and Humor

Use of Sex and Humor

Sandra Sawaya and Tamar Kouyoumjian


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One Response to “Sex is not the first ruse used by advertisers, humour is too !”

  1. Very well done at least someone is not using the female body as a tool to attract the attention KEEP UP the good work

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