Sex and Violence in Today’s Adverts

use of humor and violence

use of humor and violence


use of sexappeal in ads
use of sexappeal in ads
use of violence and sexappeal in ads

use of violence and sexappeal in ads





use of violence in ads
use of violence in ads



use of violence in ads
use of violence in ads

We once read in class an essay about sex and violence in todays ads , which made me think of a it a bit more .

While watching tv the same night i started realizing all the little details and hidden messages in these ads.

use of sex appeal in ads

use of sex appeal in ads


Like for example the deodorant ad where she shows off a lot of parts where deoderent isnt applied. She could have easily worn pants and a bra she doesnt have to be in her panties and jumping arroung to show how effective the deodorant is.

For violence you can find it in the energy drink ad (not the redbull one)

use of sexappeal in ads

use of sexappeal in ads

the way he screams and jumps and runs triggers a type of violence.

the violence in ads doesnt have to be physical. it can be the violence towards the persons senses or towards the persons emotions and sometimes intelligence.

So is sex.! it doesnt have to be in the literal meaning but on other levels like using sexappeal and other forms of exposure.

television is watched  by everyone and by people of all ages. A three year old can watch the tv so can a 60 year old. Imagine a three year old  watching an ad with a bit of maturity in it what would it do to him. it would disrupt the equilibrium in his frail sense of adapting and understanding.

we can say that sex is a type of violence in todays ads.

they are both connected , actually everything in todays world is connected.

Sex and violence among other factors  in todays ads are disrupting the thin line that is still holding the social balance and ties.

another example of the use of sexapeal in ads is the chanel rouge lipstick. this ad shows a completely naked girl on the bed and is moving arround and talking but in the end we find out its an ad for the lipstick?

its absurd y would they do all this for a lipstick?

i dont think we girls can put lipstick on any other part of our body except on our lips.

lipstick is for women so why use all this sexappeal to sell the women a product they usually buy?

violence and sex are being used a lot nowadays and its a bit sickening . advertisers should refrain a bit from using these images in order to preserve the sanctity of the young generation and to preserve their inocence.

i read an essay about a girl who got pregnant at a young age and now her child is in a foster home then she got pregnant again and again. this is the fault of the media more than it is of the parents or guardians.

parents and gardians can help us and save us in many ways but they cant do everything.

if it werent for the ads this girl might not have gotten pregnant.

the ads show the girls and boys in a way that makes the teenagers yern to look like them but they are not sending the right message.

they are not warning the teens for the dangers of not using contraceptives or protection they are not telling them that they might be a bit young to have these incounters but they are pushing them to do so and this is bad for the societies.

in the end we could only hope that the advertisers could reconsider the way they advertise for the sake of the families , the societies and the world in general.

 Sandra Sawaya


~ by wordpros on May 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Sex and Violence in Today’s Adverts”

  1. jad u should take pictures from ur phone!!!!!!! joseph beaino

    • Joseph dude it’s not Jad’s post its Sandra’s (mine)
      anyways the ads are long gone and i wrote about them in specific so i had to get them from the internet.
      Hope to see something new from you

  2. am sory sandra plz take pic. from ur phone 🙂

  3. i just noticed ur other comment but i still stand my ground now go to work
    Sandra and Tamar

  4. sandra nice work on the pics… me is liking them gr8 job.. our blog is nice now lol… keep up the good work lol

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