Deconstruction of the Mango ad





Ad: Mango shop for clothing and women accessories.

This ad shows Penelope Cruz a well known actress in Hollywood dressed up by mango to show that she likes to shop from there 

 THE AD THAT we have shows a technique of propaganda the bandwagon which consist on the famous term (everyone is doing it why don’t you?On this billboard we have a well known Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz making the ad of Mangos (a clothing shop) and she seems so confident of her self and pretty wearing these outfits. The purpose of this ad is to show you that if Penelope Cruz is wearing these clothes then also you should wear them to become famous pretty and self confident just like her but the fact actually has nothing to do with that.

                            by Tamar Kouyoumjian


~ by wordpros on May 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Deconstruction of the Mango ad”

  1. cool pic tamara. it is definatly an artistic picture because of the combination between the view from the buss, the view of the add and the old lebanese building… 🙂 joseph beaino

  2. hey joseph btw my name is tamar not tamara and the view is not from a bus it is from a car i couldn’t open the window i was stuck in the back.

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