Silkor ad




  • Target audience: all those people who have done tattoos specially the new generation that they are doing tattoos but later on they are regretting making it in the past time and  want to remove it in an easy and new way.
  • Informational message: if u ever had a tattoo and want to remove it then you can rely on Silkor to have your tattoos removed especially if u regret having it.
  • Techniques of languag:They are using in this ad a very simple language so that even if you are not good enough at English yet you can still understand it in some ways in they are also using  a kind of interrogative term it is a way to reveal regret which  the audience may want to change it or not and if in case they ever want to have this regret pulled away then they just have to rely on this ad. This ad shows a new way to have your tattoos removed because it s written on top of the add (NEW LASER TATTOO REMOVAL) we can understand from the way that this ad is brought to us that when you are severely regretting having a tattoo then you don’t have any other choice then to come to Silkor so that you can have it removed.
  • Techniques of structure: in this ad we can see other then just some words attached to the billboard we also have a very reveling picture which shows 2 persons one having his tattooed arm around the others neck who seems to be scared or aware of something which the reason may be that the one with the tattoo is regretting having his tattoo and wants to remove it but the girl is worried that something wrong is going to happen yet at the same time the one with the tattoo is persuading the girl to calm down  because he is going to remove his tattoo at a reliable place SILKOR where they are using a new way and techniques of tattoo removing.
  • Composition of Pictorial and Text: as we look at this ad we notice the big size of the words written on top in red which represents somehow the title or the topic of the ad and then we notice with a bigger font the term (DO YOU REGRET IT) which is placed just in the middle and which is the most interesting and important in this ad  the picture comes in the third place after the writings because if we don’t read what is written we will think that the ad is a tattoo making ad.
  • Personal Reaction: the way that this add is shown is somehow clever because it really touches those who had at some point in their lives made a tattoo and want to remove it so they can now have some place to go to take it off and could also persuade those who are willing to have tattoos not to have it done because they will maybe regret having it after a while on the other hand they don’t show the negative side of having a tattoo removed it could cause too much pain and scars worst then before “sometimes having your tattoo removed makes you regret much trying to remove it then have it done “that is why I categories this ad as card stacking they only reveal the positive side of the product.

                                                                                                      By Tamar Kouyoumjian.


~ by wordpros on May 10, 2009.

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