Deconstruction of the Daniela Tobler Jeans also known as DT Jeans





  Daniela Tobler Jeans   DT JEANS


  • Background:  The ad appears on the billboard on the road from Antelias to Jounieh.It is the size of any billboard arround 70x 50.This ad sells jeans and pant for girls of all ages and guys too but mostly for girls.
  • Target Audience:  This advertisement is intended for girls of ages between 10 and 30 years of age. It is affordable for almost everyone.
  • Hook and Story:  The add gets our attention by showing attractive girls wearing the jeans. These ads do not usually have a story they just show the product. In the advertisement, they are trying to sell the product.
  • Primary Informational Message:  These advertisements show how stylish and flexible these jeans are , but the adds do not say anything about the product. IT doesn’t explain what the material is what is used to do it and where.
  • Secondary Messages (techniques of structure):   These adds show how pretty the jeans are and how they look on the girls body. How they hug the figure of the girl.This ad appeals to the needs and desires of the girls get up and do, desire to own.
  • Advertising Claims (techniques of language):  There are no claims in this ad.Its just an ad that shows how pretty the jeans are.
  • Characters:  The ad usually contains girls only but some ads have like 2 boys in them.
  • Setting:  This ad is usually simple with a simple white background or with a simple picture of a hippy van or abuilding…
  • Copy:  There are no slogans in this ad but the logo and name of the brand.
  • Sound (if applicable):  There is no sound because its a bilboard.
  • Visual:  The people in the ad are relaxed and comfortable they r not divided or anything it is casual as if they were saying that these jeans make you comfortable and relaxed.
  • Color and Lighting:  The colors and lightings are simple there is nothing extra and no special effects. Most of the time the pictures are taken from the front and somtimes from the sides.
  • Point of View:  They usualy use close ups for this type of ads.
  • Details and Accessories:  The ad shows  minimal details it only shows the product. no price tag and no sources to where it is fabricated or the type of cloth used…
  • Intended and Unintended Effects:  This ad is simple i dont think it has an intended effect other than seling. On the other hand the un intended effect is that they only show skinny girls which may seem a bit biast.
  • What the Ad Does Not Show:  Where the product was produced and by who and what type of cloth was used are withheld from the audience.
  • Personal Reaction: The ad is effective because a lot of girls buy these jeans and wear them everywhere and everyday.I think that it does conform to the advertising codes in existence because it doesnt lie about  the practicality and “beauty” of the jeans. The codes that are violated are the biast way they present the ad and the lack of information about the product.

       Sandra Sawaya



~ by wordpros on May 8, 2009.

6 Responses to “Deconstruction of the Daniela Tobler Jeans also known as DT Jeans”

  1. nice sandraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (joseph beaino)

  2. NICE WORK SANDRA:D ull get to see my work soon hahaha
    Tamar Kouyoumjian

  3. Great to hear this Tamar i’ll be waiting for your work as soon as possible. Sandra Sawaya

  4. the pictures will be posted as soon as i find a way to take them while i’m driving hehe hopefully soon enough

  5. i need to bye new jeans…..:)

  6. NO Jeans unless you look like the lovely Penelope

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