Band Wagon
Band Wagon

The intended audience is the football fans in all their ages but mainly the teenagers and the athletes, for it is only the football fans and the football athletes are interested in the latest fashion in football and boots.

   The page is designed by a boot centered with a celebrity football player behind it. The mark of “Adidas” is visualized on the right top side of the ad with a small comment on the left side of it that says: “your boot your game. Play with more flair.”

  The ad does not have actual credibility but on the other hand it has a celebrity in its background. This fact somehow stronger the fact that this celebrity uses this kind of boots.

  Ethos: in this ad the usage of a celebrity is fully viewed. It says: play with more flair. your boot your game. This implies that this celebrity uses this kind of football boot in order to play flexibly and win.

Pathos: the main objective of a football fan is to play like a football celebrity. For this reason, the ad is playing on our emotions to be better in football by buying this product.

Logos: plz note that there is no credibility in this ad.

By joseph beaino  🙂 


~ by wordpros on May 6, 2009.

One Response to “Adidas”

  1. it is definetly a band wagon 🙂 (joseph beaino)

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