Election Bilboard

“SOIS BELLE ET TAIT TOI” Which literary means  



In this political ad they used the french saying ,but instead of “TAIT TOI” they replaced it by “ET VOTEwhich means “AND VOTE”.
Bandwagon is a propaganda technique that works or creates pressure on the emotional level. “Every one is doing it why don’t you?”
We considered it as bandwagon because of the fact that we have this young pretty lady which insinuates that even if you are pretty you should vote. so if you are pretty or not you should vote to become one or to look as nice as the girl in the ad. Everyone is voting so why don’t pretty girls that are considered dumb in this society vote? 

~ by wordpros on May 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Election Bilboard”

  1. she is definetly beautiful( i am going to vote for this party: just joking) 🙂

  2. ummm oh well i think that this add is kinda a dumb move cause well what does beauty have to do with politics and whhy did they choose this saying it use to be be beautifull and shut up they changed it to vote is it becausee they are saying tht u shldnt be inteligent to vote just vote for us and ul be making the right choice! hopefully thts not what they mean and yeh the chick is definetly hot il vote for them if they introduce me to her haha 😛 jokingg or not:P

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