CoCa Cola Ad

Card Stacking

Card Stacking

We consider this ad as cardstacking.
Looking at  this picture a very famous singer in lebanon (Nancy Ajram)
smilling infront of a Coca cola bottle .
it is cardstacking because this ad does not show the dangers of this fizzy drink
on our lives. Studies show that a lot of fizzy drinks may cause ulcers osteoporosis
because of the Aspartham (a chemical sugar agent), joint health problems, Tangerine,
teeth health …etc
Most colas contain arround 90% water, sugar, carbon dioxide, phosphoric acid, citric acid,
caffeine and other additives & preservatives. The acid level (pH) of colas has been measured
at around 2.5 (1 being most acidic and 7 is for tap water).
We canot exclude that this ad may be a Bandwagon propaganda but  we consider it as a card
 stacking propaganda because they do not show the dangers of the product on the health,
the ingredients used to produce this product…
They only show the “pretty” side of the drink.



~ by wordpros on May 6, 2009.

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