MR. CIGAR(by joseph beaino)

  img00008 NOTE:   This is an interesting advert for it is a combination between card stacking and bandwagon….     :        The ad. says (perfect men need perfect cigar)    we stumble upon an interesting question :what do the adverts signify by this sentence..?

  •   – The adverts used this mood(card stacking and bandwagon)  in order to seduce us the buyers/ observers to smoke such cigars. By this, the desire not to be different  is considered in order to buy this product… As a matter of fact the ad. does not show the negative side effects of smoking such as cancer, difficulty in breathing, and pollution.

  • –  PRODUCT:Mr. Cigar

  • – TARGET AUDIENCE: the targeted audience in this ad is above 18 years old… and mainly the ones who don’t want to be different from others>>>(there is a saying: they are all doing it, why don’t u?)

  • – PRIMARY INFO. MESSAGE: the key selling point. in this is, that this cigar is only for perfect men. so, in order to be perfect u should “have” this cigar..

  • – SECONDARY MESSAGE:the secondary message is somehow the same as above. the cigar is centered  and a beautiful tie is on it.. by this we can conlude also, that in order to be elegant u should have a cigar with definatly an elegant suit.

  • – TECH. OF LANGUAGE:  the language used is “weasel words”:( perfect men need the perfect cigar)by this centered sentence at the top of the ad., there is somehow a false target  and diversion of facts, but why?  this is because this sentence explains that only perfect men can have this type of cigars… this is definitly wrong… because an individual does not rely on a cigar in order to be perfect.. (note: smoking the best cigar does not make perfect men)

  • – TECHNIQUES OF STRUCTURE: this ad uses an illusionist saying which is to buy MR.CIGAR… uses the word perfect..

  • – This is an illusion because an individual can’t be perfect  by following this word or this technique of structure.(note: no one is perfect)

  • – COMPOSITION OF PICTORIAL AND TEXT: the gigantic cigar with its tie is centered in the ad. which  centers the attention on its purpose. The design of this ad and its color makes the ad appear as a movie poster…

  • – PERSONAL  REACTION: i didn’t like this ad beacause i am somehow against smoking and this ad does not show the “secret” (nigative effects) behind smoking. the way this ad attracts others is wrong because an individual can’t be perfect by smoking a cigar…however i liked the big cigar pic. at the center of the ad with the funy tie. as a conclusion, it seems that this firm is ready do do what ever it takes to attract buyers , even lies to people and hides the negative influences of smoking a cigar for the purpose of advertisement…

                                 by Joseph Beaino




~ by wordpros on April 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “MR. CIGAR(by joseph beaino)”

  1. i need a cigar… (just joking 🙂 (joseph beaino)

  2. i am now perfect because of this cigar 🙂 (joseph beaino)

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