MAGNIFIQUE(by Joseph Beaino)

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-Target audience: the target audience in this ad is women in all ages.

-Message one: the main message in this ad is that this product is the only perfume that can make a man be attracted to a woman. This is for the women are using the MAGNIFIQUE perfume.

-Message two: the secondary message in this ad is that this perfume can make the women fell unique and appreciated.

Techniques of language: the technique used in this ad is very simple in which the language is targeted directly towards women. There is one statement only stated in this ad that says the following: “you are unique, you are MAGNIFIQUE”. In this comment, it is obvious that the aim of this perfume is to form some kind of illusion to women in order to make them believe that when they buy this product they will be indeed unique and “magnifique”. Indeed this saying is illusionist for there is no possible way that the perfume can make a person unique and perfect.

Techniques of structure: As we can see, there is a passionate and romantic mood in the structure and in the position of the elements that constitute this ad. It is known that Paris is the capital of romance in the world; for this reason, it recognized that the background of this ad is the view of Paris at night when all lights are lightened. This tactic is used to make the audience believe that MAGNIFIQUE is the right perfume to be chosen.

Composition of pictorial and text: It is obvious that that the background theme in this ad is red that symbolizes romance and love. The ad is divided into two parts. The right part contains a celebrity that looks beautiful and charming. It is holding the hand of a man and it seems that this man is her lover. By this, we realize that there is a relation between the usage of this product and romance. On the other hand, the left side contains the products picture centered in the middle of the page and behind it is the view of capital of France that symbolizes love and romance. The usage of this element in a centered position attracts the eye directly to the product that is being advertised. The usage of a beautiful female in the ad attracts the eyes towards this product and its effectiveness.

Personal reaction: I didn’t like this ad, even though the appearance of this ad is attractive, because it says that when you have this perfume you will be unique and magnificent. This is definitely not possible since the perfume does not make beauty and uniqueness but the personality of each individual does make beauty and uniqueness.


By Joseph Beaino


Insinuation of Sex in Today’s Ads

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Insinuation of sex in ads

Insinuation of sex in ads

Ads today are very different from the ads in the older days on many levels. The differences are on the technical level, the quality level, the content level, on the ethic level… These days ads focus more on the money gain and power they get from this ad they are putting up. they do not weigh the pros and cons the aftermath or the shock wave these ads may create on the general public. 



Advertising creates an entire and unique cultural worldview, it shapes our attitudes and beliefs. The fact is that most of the people in the world are  influenced bythe ads, and advertisers know this. Why else would companies spend billions of dollars a year on adverts? in the old days when ads started to florish they used to be drawings of the event or the product posted on walls and shop windows… they used to use direct or catchy slogans to attract the attention of the potential buyers . but it wasnt till the burst of the technological and the industrial revolution that the ads started to change in meaning and on all the other levels.

To persuade consumers that they “need” to buy this certain product, companies and advertisers tend to  consciously and deliberately make people feel unsatisfied and unsure with what they already have and they try to convince them that they are lacking something essential in their daily lives. Advertisers are using this technique to create the idea in peoples minds to create this idea  of a “defect” that can only be repaired by the product the advertisers are try to sell. here comes the use of sex and sexual implementations in the ads. 

for example the “Secret Obsession perfum” ad done by eva mendez and that was banned from most tvs and billboards is a very good example to explain this this ad eva mendez is bare and the way she move d and the way the camera moved made the ad seem like a racey video or even an erotic one . this ad not only had the primary message that of a sexual and pure desire but also the secondary message too. this ad implied conciously and unconciously that if you dont use this perfume you wouldnt be sexy and desierable or wanted . you’ll be all alone.

another example can be that of putting hot and sexy girls with barely any clothes on next to a lovely car or next to a man in a lovely sports car while next to them you see a lonely man all by himself in his normal car. this implies that or the submessage is that if you dont have a sports car you will never have a sexy and hot girl with you and girls would think that if they are not

as pretty and as sexy as that girl they will never meet a man as hot and as rich as the one in the ad.

once while reading Marie Claire magazine at the hairdresser i read an articleInsinuation of sex in ads which said that in the eighties ,images featuring a 15-year-old Brooke Shields with the tagline ‘Nothing comes between me and my Calvins,’ caused an outcry. Then in 1995, the brand was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over a series of images for Calvin Klein jeans, which showed young models in a number of suggestive why did they stop this now? this is the difference between the ads in the old days and nowadays.

going back to the secret obsession perfume ad of eva mendez people may argue why did the goverment ban the advertisment ? some may ask and joke by saying i didnt know that “nipple cencorship doesn’t stop at YouTube … “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.” One of this moments, where I don’t understand the US. What about the freedom of expressing your nipples!” this is one of the comments i read on you tube while i searched for the ad to see why all the fuss.

on the other hand some may say that it’s  disgusting that women are portrayed in this manner in order to sell products! yes  sex does sell, but why don’t the advertisers or the company’s executives go to each and every house and explain to the  litle girls and teenagers why women are portrayed in this manner and then listen to them lie about their eating habits and the way they feel about themseves every morning while they stand for hours checking themselves in the morrors. i mean arent there enough men’s magasines out there where these racey ads can be put in instead of the television or the billboards where children can be exposed to them?

in the end  advertisers should take into consideration a lot of things while creating and ad especially on the social level. nowadays everything is being linked to money sex and material things . it is no longer  a way of sending a message or or informing people about a certain product. sex should not prevale on neither the primary nor the secondary message of the ad. nowadays ethics are being trampled on in diffrent societies which is a shame because the ethics and the morals in life are what hold the societies together its what ke

insinuation of sex in ads
insinuation of sex in ads

eps the families tied and the people close. avertisers should take into consideration that their ads are being seen by people of different ages and of different backgrounds and societies so they should research before jumping to creat an ad that impies sexual messages to the people. these ads unfortunately are becoming normal all around the world which is also corrupting the societies and distroying the barely there ties that are left hanging on a thin thread.all we can hope of is that advertisers think of the others before going on with this  type of advertising for the sake of everyone.

                                                                                                                          Sandra Sawaya and Jad Fakhry





Women’s Image and it wrong uses

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wrong use of women's image
wrong use of women’s image

Nowadays , we can see ads about everything every where and any time. Looking at these ads I have noticed that most of them are directed towards women of all ages. But have you noticed that , in most of them, if i dare not say all these ads the women pictured look  fake , totally airbrushed or even photoshoped.

for example look at the DT ad or the chanel ad or any other ad directed towards women, the girls pictured in them (the ads) look so skinny you might say they were sculptured from wax!?!! even the pair of jeans look big on the modle in the DT ad! Advertisers are either putting sorry for the expression naked girls or extra anorexic girls in their ads. now why is that?



every girl has her own body type her own metabolisim that burns fat and calories in a way.every girl body , emotions ,  feelings and ways of thinking change and adapt according to the enviroment she lives in . the girl living in the middle east for example has a diffrent bodytype than that of a girl living in the east or the west. A girl living in lets say Alaska has a diffrent body type and shape that that of a girl living in Japan. A girl living is alaska is somewhat medium in hight and rounded and all this is because of the cold and icy weather she is in contact with everyday , whereas a girl living in japan isnt.

people living in the moutains of tibet for example  are genetically programmed to have an amazing stamina… they’d be 90 , carrying their houses and kids on their backs and arrive at the top of the mountain with a normal breathing rate… but if it were a person from the town he/she may not live to be 80 and would be out of breath in the middle of the way with nothing on his/her back.
the body is an incredible thing . i cant imagine how incredible

wrong use of women's image in ads

wrong use of women's image in ads

it is and by just how much it can adapt to its environment… it s the way it can survive, so now  why would i go to tibet and post an ad of a girl so skinny that her bones may pop out in any second? why would i go and insinuate to a round or full girl that in order to buy this jeans you should be as skinny as the girl in the ad?

Ads always portray women and men  as sex objects, in order to increase the appeal of their product on the society . This significantly affects the way women think about themselves, particularly during the teen stage of life where teens develop their sense of self and identity. these ads send a secondary  message which says that the only important thing about them is the way they look, causing many women to believe that their self-worth is dependent upon attention from men.

Portraying women as sex objects has a very harmful effect on girls and women. The constant abuse of women’s sexuality to sell products like beer, sports cars, films…  have completely distorted the understanding of sexuality and gender roles.

girls tend to see or place  themselves in the place of the girl in the ads ( i know i tend to do that sometimes). but what they dont know is that the girl in the ad isnt really like this. i found out that wrong use of women 's imagemost of the girls in these ads have lots of problems. am not saying psychological or emotional problems but problems like everyone. they have pimples and zits on their faces, fat in places it shouldnt be ,pale white skin, or spots  but all this is gone as soon as they get the air brushes out and the laptops to photoshop the images.Photographs are airbrushed or otherwise altered to remove any lines, bumps, or lumps – anything less than “perfection.” it is absurd ,ads are being a misguidance and a threat to the way girls in the critical age of the teen years think and act. studies show that the images of the girls in these ads are the main cause of anorexia and boulemia in teenager both male and female.

One study revealed that women who view the media’s image of beauty as ideal are more likely than any other group to have a very negative body image (Pinhas, et. al. 1999).norexia and boulemia are disorders that are distroying today’s youth and advertisers are not getting it all they care about is selling the product and getting payed .The anxiety girls and women experience from feeling unattractive is arguably one of the most pervasive and damaging consequence of the adverts posted on billboards and tv’s these days. Only one body type is  always presented which is that of a very tall,  and skinny woman or young girl, and advertisers still show and use skinny and “sick” models in their ads and are posting them in wrong places.can you imagine an ad of a skinny girl wearing verry tight jeans in a country where more than 50% of its population is overweight or obese? why dont advertisers use women of different body types and shapes in their ads like in one of the benetton ads? why should advertisers steriotype girls as being skinny?

we talk and talk about the misuse of the women’s image and its effect on the other women but we can not forget the men too. nowadays men too are suffering from eating disorders. Judy Teffer, a spokeswoman for the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders USA, estimates that about 12% of Americans with eating disorders are men. It is no coincidence that the images of lean, muscular men in magazines and TV commercials have been significantly increasing in recent years,almost all of the ads have “perfect” men and women in them. 

who said if a girl isnt skinny bronzed and zitless then she is ugly and undesireable?

advertisers should re think their strategies in the way they use the image of women in their ads because the misuse is distroying a lot. this misuse is putting down a lot of girls and women . women should not be categorized in one size or one color or one shape women are diffrent . no two women are alike each woman is an individual unique in the way she looks thinks dresses acts and lives.

                                                    Sandra Sawaya


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Logos  is an important term in philosophy,analytitcal psychology, rhetoric and religion.

Heraclitus established the term in Western philosophy as meaning both the source and fundamental order of the cosmos. The sophists used the term to mean discourse, and Aristotle applied the term to rational discourse.


In ordinary, non-technical Greek, logos had two overlapping meanings. One meaning referred to an instance of speaking: “sentence, saying, oration”; the other meaning was the antithesis  of  (“action” or “work”), which was commonplace. Despite the conventional translation as “word”, it is not used for a word in the grammatical sense. It derives from the verb legō “to count, tell, say, speak”.The primary meaning of logos is: something said, by implication a subject, topic of discourse, or reasoning. Secondary meanings such as logic, reasoning, etc.

 Aristotle’s rhetorical logos

Aristole  defined logos as argument from reason, one of the three modes of persuasion.(Ethos Pathos and Logos) . An argument based on logos needs to be logical, and in fact the term logic derives from it. Logos normally implies numbers, polls, and other mathematical or scientific data.

Logos has some advantages:

  • Data are (ostensibly) difficult to manipulate, so it is harder to argue against a logos argument.
  • Logos makes the speaker look prepared and knowledgeable to the audience, enhancing ethos.

                                                                 By Tamar Kouyoumjian.


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Pathos is another Greek word and it is one of the three modes of persuasion in Rethoric along wih Ethos and Logos. Pathos appeals to the audience’s emotions. It is a part of Aristotle’s philosophies in Rheoric. 

Emotional appeal can be accomplished in different ways:

  • by a metaphor or sory telling. 
  • by a general passion in the delivery and an overall number of emoional items in the text of the speech, or in writing .
  • by using some ads in our case  in order to affect on the emotions of the audience.

                                                   By Tamar Kouyoumjian. 


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Ethos is  Greek word wich originaly means:”accustomed place”.

Ethos forms the root of ethikos meaning, “moral, showing moral character”.

To the Greeks ancient and modern, the meaning is simply the state of being”, the inner source, the soul, the mind, and the original essence, that shapes and forms a person or an animal. Late Latin borrowed it as ethicus, the feminine of wich (ethica, for  “moral philosophy”) is the origin of the modern English word ethics.


 According to The Oxford English Dictionary, Ethos is defined as “the characteristic spirit, prevalent tone of sentiment, of a people or community; the ‘genius’ of an institution or system”, , the word ethos has been translated to contain many different meanings within the English language. One such definition is that the concept of ethos listens to accepted standards, rather than what is more modernly thought of as character unique to a certain individual. such a description might conjure up images of shared ideas and experiences, thus fortifying it as the foundation of character.              

In Rhetoric, ethos is one of the three artistic modes of persuasion (other principles being logos and pathos) discussed by Aristotle in Rheoric’ as a component of argument. At first speakers must establish ethos. On the one hand, this can mean merely “moral competence”, but Aristotle broadens this word to encompass expertise and knowledge. He expressly remarks that ethos should be achieved only by what the speaker says, not by what people think of his character before he begins to speak. This position is often disputed and other writers on rhetoric state that ethos is connected to the overall moral character and history of the speaker.

It is important to note that ethos does not belong to the speaker, but to the audience. Yet, it is the audience that determines whether a speaker is a high- or a low-ethos speaker.

                                                                                              By Tamar kouyoumjian

Sex is not the first ruse used by advertisers, humour is too !

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use of humor
use of humor
AD using humor
AD using humor

Have you noticed the recent trend of advertisers using  humour in selling their products?
In fact, there are several ruses that publicity advertisers employ to draw the attention of the customers to their ads. Mostly they use sexapeal to sell  their products. Nowadays,  the advertisers are using a new technique which is  humour  to convey a certain message to the young generation. If an ad makes you laugh you remember it more than an ad with a lot of “serious” information.  It is known that when you are reading an article you remember the last thing you read that leaves a certain impression that’s why the writers put their point of view in the end.The same thing goes to the ads. the use of humor will make the ad lighter , easier to remember and understand.But on the other hand you cannot use humor in all types of advertisments. Some adverts like the political adverts are not  adverts in which we can use humor because it is something important and informative. we also cannot use humor in ads that are related to the public health. you can not use humor when you inform people that it is important to use this certain preservative to protect them from STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) .

Humor is used to lighten ads but not all the ads and not every type of propaganda can use humor because humor tends to be harsh sometimes.

Use of Sex and Humor

Use of Sex and Humor

Sandra Sawaya and Tamar Kouyoumjian